Shadow Warrior 2 Hero Image

Looter-Shooter Shadow Warrior 2 Available Now on Xbox One

Shadow Warrior 2 is a work of love and fathered by Flying Wild Hog, a company of game industry veterans with expertise in first-person shooters. For eight years the team shared the passion of making games with you guys, starting in 2009 with Hard Reset. Over time we think we’ve nailed the unique aspects of the FPS genre, from movement and weapons to level and character design. We worked hard to make our game as crisp, neat, and responsive as humanly possible. That’s why we were so excited when Devolver Digital approached to take a spin at remaking Shadow Warrior.

A few years later we added another chapter to Lo Wang’s story. Shadow Warrior 2 is a mélange of a looter-shooter and classic, gameplay-oriented FPS. Ultimately, it’s a game about guns… lots of guns. It’s also a game about the most-awesome melee system you can find, well, anywhere. It’s over the top and gory as hell (pun intended). But the bottom line: it’s extremely fun.

But don’t take our word for it. Try impaling your enemy on black magic spikes, chop ’em up really good with your whirring chainsaw, and use your ninja chi-blast to paint the world red with their entrails. We call it The Meat Fountain.

So now after three years in production, we give you the best and the most complete edition of Shadow Warrior 2. We worked hard to deliver the best game ever and we’re sure you’ll like it. May the Wang be with you, grasshoppers!