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Announcing Rip-Roaring Strange Brigade, From the Creators of Sniper Elite

Now that Sniper Elite 4 is out in the wild, we’re delighted to finally pull back the curtain on Rebellion’s newest project: Strange Brigade. It’s a rip-roaring third-person 1930s adventure for one to four players, full of peril, intrigue, and good old derring-do.

As a fully-fledged member of the Strange Brigade, you’ll investigate remote corners of the British Empire where few dare go and fewer return. And there in the unfamiliar you will encounter fantastic and forgotten civilizations, and maybe even unearth hidden treasures…

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But should you somehow survive the mind-bending puzzles and dastardly traps of this ancient world, doom still awaits you in the shadows — a truly petrifying army of mythological menaces stands in your way, unleashed by an Egyptian witch queen so nefarious they wiped her from the hieroglyphs.

And yet, all hope is not lost. Why? Because you’re a member of the Strange Brigade! You’re fearless in the face of prolific peril, willing to explore treacherous tombs, unearth hidden mysteries, and defeat unfathomable evils — an intrepid explorer willing to embark on an exotic safari into danger itself!

Strange Brigade Screenshot

As one of four debonair explorers, you have your own strengths and, by Jove, superhuman powers to boot. And of course, as part of the Strange Brigade you can fight back-to-back with up to three other players. And fight you must to protect King and country against such impossible forces of evil!

Are our heroes doomed for burial in an ancient tomb? Is this the end for our intrepid adventurers?

Find out in Strange Brigade, coming soon to an Xbox One near you!