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Introducing New Packaging Icons for Xbox

This is an incredibly exciting time for us on Team Xbox. With great games coming to the Xbox family of devices and Windows 10 this Fall, in addition to the launch of Xbox One X, we can’t think of a better time to be an Xbox gamer.

And as we grow our catalog of new and exciting games, we want to ensure we’re being as clear as possible explaining to you how our family of Xbox consoles play with games and your equipment.

Starting this Fall, we’ll be introducing new packaging that specifically calls out what your soon-to-be favorite games support and how they support it. Displayed clearly in the upper right corner will be icons that call out what a game supports on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10.

We’ve assembled some of our most frequently asked questions about some of the terms listed on the packaging, so we’ve assembled them below to help:

Q: Will my Xbox One games, including those that support Backward Compatibility, play on Xbox One X?

A: Yes! As one of the key components of the Xbox One family of devices is parity across consoles. The biggest difference is that your games will play better on Xbox One X.

Q: How do I know if a title is enhanced for Xbox One X?

A: There will be a new “Xbox One X Enhanced” icon on the front of our game packaging, and in the Xbox Store, to let gamers know when a developer has done special work to take advantage of Xbox One X’s 6 teraflops of performance, and to distinguish it from existing Xbox One titles.

Q: What does “Xbox One X Enhanced” mean?

A: If a game has the Xbox One X Enhanced logo, this means developers have done some work to improve an existing title or implemented the most recent developer tools to fully take advantage of Xbox One X’s power. Overall, games will play better on Xbox One X. Even if it isn’t enhanced, the Xbox One X Enhanced logo will help consumers identify games that are making the most of its hardware.

Dozens of titles will be enhanced to take advantage of the power of Xbox One X with many available in 4K resolution, and we expect that number to grow in the coming months. When Xbox One X launches this November, new games packaging will clearly show what a title supports:

4K UHD Icon A game has a 2160p frame buffer output. That includes Native 4K, Checkerboarding, and Dynamic Resolution.
HDR Icon The game supports HDR10 standard.
XBOX ONE X Enhanced Icon A developer has done special work to take advantage of Xbox One X’s 6 teraflops of power. Specific enhanced features will vary by game.

Ultimately, we believe the developer is the best equipped to decide how to use the power of Xbox One X, which is why we have created these icons to help provide you as much clarity as possible later this Fall.

For more information about Xbox One X and its powerful gaming features, visit and read our “Introducing the World’s Most Powerful Console: Xbox One X” post on Xbox Wire.