Video For Jump Into the Action of Dungeon Defenders II Today on Xbox One

Jump Into the Action of Dungeon Defenders II Today on Xbox One

Dungeon Defenders II is a unique blend of action RPG and tower defense. Once you build your towers, you and up to three of your friends can grab a sword, a bow, or even a laser shotgun and jump into the action! There’s loot to discover, pets to raise, locations to explore and more. We crafted a fun, cooperative experience for players to enjoy online or even on the couch with a friend. I’d like to provide you with an insider look as to what inspired our choices for the game as well as some pro-tips on how you can get started defending Etheria.

We originally released Dungeon Defenders II as an early access title on PC, but we’ve always wanted to get the game into the hands of our Xbox fan base. We’ve had an amazing Xbox community since we released the first Dungeon Defenders on Xbox 360 in 2011, so we leapt at the opportunity to bring the game to Xbox One with an exclusive Megalodon pet (can you say “Sharknado!?”), an exclusive weapon, and a limited-time exclusive map.

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For Dungeon Defenders II, we set out to improve the hero action gameplay from the first game. We focused on making the action more visceral and fun while still retaining the core tower defense gameplay that fans enjoyed. Those who played our first game will notice we kept a lot of the towers and defenses from our core set of heroes while sprinkling in new ones here and there. We also added some brand-new heroes to the mix.

Our first new hero, the Abyss Lord, is based on one of the most popular additional heroes from Dungeon Defenders, the Summoner. He uses his dark magic to summon skeletal defenses and twists our main bosses’ dark power against their own units. Our other heroes include our awesome cybertronic Series EV2, our mischievous Gunwitch, our volcanic Lavamancer, our Snake God appeasing Mystic, and our nature-friendly Dryad from Terraria. Yes, that Terraria! We released a crossover content pack loaded with Terraria weapons, the Dryad hero, and a whole map based on one of our favorite games. All of that is in the game at launch for fans of both games to enjoy! We’re even releasing a new gender-swapped version of our Monk at launch, the Initiate.

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So now that you have a brief idea of what’s in our game, I’d like to impart some tips for getting ready to play! First of all, I highly recommend utilizing our “How to Play” menu that’s accessible from the Main Menu or the Pause Menu. This contains our tutorial mission and several videos that will help you succeed. I can’t emphasize enough that if you’re struggling, you should check out the videos. Additionally, you can view the plethora of YouTube creators, Mixer streamers and Twitch influencers to stay up-to-date with the latest pro-strats in our game.

One of the pro tips I’ll surface here is to use a blend of different heroes. Each hero, except for the Gunwitch, features a unique set of defenses that are available for players to use from the start of the game — utilizing a mix of these towers is the way to guarantee success. My personal build that I use through campaign (and into our end-game Chaos difficulty) is a blend of our Squire and Monk defenses. I use the Squire’s Spike Blockades to wall off a lane from enemies, then occasionally I’ll place a Ballista behind it to fire down the path, hitting multiple enemies in its wake. Then I’ll switch over to the Monk and place Flame Auras. You can overlap these auras to create effective “kill zones” for enemies in front of your walls, and you can build some deeper in the lane to take care of ranged enemies. Finally, I use the Monk’s Skyguard towers to defend against any aerial threats that arrive. Once you start delving into our end-game difficulties, you’ll encounter enemies that will require you to change up your defense, but I won’t spoil what the answers to those are!

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We plan on continuing to develop and update Dungeon Defenders II for a long time after launch. In the short term, we’re exploring a sort of Endless Survival mode that will continue to test and challenge our end-game players. Our long-term plan is to explore additional gameplay content and heroes to add to the game, as well as continuing to iterate on the feedback that we receive from our community. We really like to listen to feedback to make our game the best that it can be, so contact us on our official forums or our Facebook and Twitter pages, and let’s talk about all things Dungeon Defenders II!