Video For Conan Exiles Coming to Xbox Game Preview August 16 With Free Expansion

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Conan Exiles Coming to Xbox Game Preview August 16 With Free Expansion

By Crom! We’re very excited to share with Xbox One gamers everywhere that we’re bringing Conan Exiles to the Xbox Game Preview program on August 16! Not only that, we’re also releasing a massive free expansion update on the very same day that introduces a huge new land to explore, bringing the game out of the desert and into the cold, frozen highlands in the north.

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of “Conan the Barbarian.” Here you have been exiled to a harsh desert, where you must build and dominate the lands around you to survive. You can either play alone in single-player, in co-op with friends, or on a private or public online server populated with dozens of other players.

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The world we’ve built for Conan Exiles is huge. You’ll find forgotten lore and ancient ruins, survive thirst and starvation, battle terrible monsters, build castles and face off against enemy players as you battle for dominance. With the free expansion update, we’re adding over 50% to the available play area. The new lands are a huge departure from the sun-drenched deserts of the base game, and here you get to explore vast forests and towering mountain-tops. There’s new enemies, new resources, new building pieces, and much more.

Game Preview is about constantly improving the game, adding new content, and testing new mechanics and is a great opportunity for us as developers to work with players on creating the game we all want to play.

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Since its start in Early Access on PC, we have updated Conan Exiles many times, squashed lots of bugs, and introduced a ton of new content like dungeons, siege weapons, a dyeing system, new building pieces, new furniture, grenades, and more. Because the game has had the time to mature for several months now on PC, Xbox One gamers will play a game that’s bigger and better than ever before.

Conan Exiles will be in Xbox Game Preview until sometime in Q1 2018, when we plan to launch the game in full, and will be an Xbox One X Enhanced title when the console launches this Fall. We hope you’ll join us on this Game Preview adventure on August 16, and that you’ll not only have a ton of fun playing the game, but provide us valuable feedback that will help us create a better and more robust game. For more information about Conan Exiles, be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire and visit us a