Trove Mega Update Small Image

Trove’s Megalithic Update Changes the World

Trove is about to experience a tectonic shift of epic proportions and nothing will ever be the same again. Enter the Megalithic Era and find a bigger, more robust world of adventure than ever before. We’re bringing prehistoric back with the massively monumental Megalithic Update, live now for Trove on the Xbox One with our biggest update since we launched this past December!

Explore the new Jurassic Jungle biome and face off against ancient enemies that brings all the Trovians to the yard. Battle your heart out with the brand-new Dino Tamer class! This powerful pistolero summons a slew of savage dino sidekicks. Fight from afar with your long rang pistol attack, lock enemies down with a poisonous net, call forth a variety of dino pals to attack, lock down, or tank your enemies.

Explore the Dino Tamer’s home turf, the massive Jurassic Jungle biome, to face off against all-new enemies and take down 13 new dungeons. It’s not all about dinosaurs and jungles. We’re also adding minigames to Trove. Test your aim with target practice, push your reflexes to the limit with our new racing challenges, and plot the best path in a coin collecting course.

But wait, there’s more! Take part in special events with unique quests to celebrate holidays in the world of Trove. Sign in every day to collect Daily Login Chests for free loot and a chance at rare loot. With the Megalithic Update you’ll be able to face new challenges, craft epic loot, get decked out in all new styles, and that’s only the beginning.