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Tips for the Aspiring Soldier in Valkyria Revolution, Available Now on Xbox One

Valkyria Revolution is coming out today on Xbox One and we wanted to provide a helpful list of tips to get you started on this action-packed JRPG! But first, we wanted to talk a little bit about the game.

Valkyria Revolution is not a sequel to the Valkyria Chronicles series. While you may have a special place in your heart for Welkin, Alicia, and the Edelweiss, Valkyria Revolution is an entirely new entry, so expect things to be different. In fact, “spinoff” would be a good word to describe it because it takes place in a different timeline, continent, and universe than its predecessors.

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Inspired by the European industrial revolution era, Valkyria Revolution focuses on two very different nations locked in a bitter war. The small, independent kingdom of Jutland is suffering from an economic blockade established by the oppressive Ruzi Empire and must fight to liberate themselves from their imperialistic claims.

However, that’s much easier said than done because the Ruzi Empire has an all-powerful Valkyria in its arsenal. Don’t know what that is? Well, all you need to know is that it’s the living embodiment of death in demi-god form.

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While this may seem alarming, Jutland has responded by building the Vanargand unit, a team of elite anti-Valkyria soldiers to help even the odds. These soldiers are led by the experienced Captain Amleth Gronkaer and even have the honor of fighting alongside Jutland’s own Princess Ophelia. Not only are these warriors the best of the best, but they also have a special affinity to the precious mineral ragnite and can utilize it in battle to great effect. The Vanargand are ready to lay everything on the line for their country and fight for freedom. However, Amleth hides a terrible secret. Is he a friend or foe to the country he has sworn to protect?

8 Tips to Get You Started

The battlefield will become your playground in Valkyria Revolution and it just wouldn’t be right to send you greenhorns out there without a little bit of guidance. Review, analyze and implement the tips below, provided by our crack squad of QA testers!

  • Diversify Classes – It might seem obvious, but try always to form a party with one of each class. Classes have different specialties and access to different ragnite, so the diversity will help players put together the best party
  • One Team to Win – Focus on a core team rather than spreading resources to every member!
  • Use All the Ragnite – Equip all types of different elements of ragnite. Going in with just Fire Ragnite may seem great, as it is powerful, but the player can get blocked by certain enemies with resistances or immunities to fire and they may struggle. Again, diversity is key

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  • The Best Weapons…Explode – There are a lot of different sub weapons to dump resources into, but we highly recommend focusing on the triple-shot rocket launcher, explosive grenades, and a sniper rifle
  • Complete Those Reports! – Try to complete as many mission reports as possible to gain ragnite shards, and in turn, gain higher level ragnite!
  • Extra Skills Await – Be on the lookout for extra skills on ragnite, especially “RP Cost Down” and “Power Up.” These skills can help immensely! Lower-level ragnite with these skills are often stronger than their higher-level counterparts

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  • Group Them Up! – When enemies are grouped close together, utilize attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies at a time, such as explosive barrels, area of effect (AOE) attacks, and grenades
  • That Amleth is So Strong – Strengthen Amleth early on. Aside from being one of the strongest characters, there may (or may not) come a time where he’ll need to depend on his own skills and have no reinforcements to call upon

We hope you found these tips of helpful to get you started on your adventure. For more news about Valkyria Revolution, but sure to visit the official site here.