Parkour-Platformer Super Cloudbuilt Coming to Xbox One July 28

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Us cool, hip sensible human beings here at Double Eleven are delighted to bring Coilworks’ frenetic parkour-platformer Super Cloudbuilt to Xbox One and we’re even more excited to announce its release date of July 28 with pre-orders available now. So if you’re in the mood for some epic fast-paced, rocket-based, high-altitude speedrunning then this is the game for you!

Super Cloudbuilt Screenshot

In Super Cloudbuilt you play as Demi, an elite soldier who awakens in a mysterious ruin. With incredible powers of speed and agility, use her exo-suit and rocket boosters to leap and run between treacherous terrain and obstacles, suspended over a vast abyss. Demi also has a multi-use weapon which allows her to dispatch the enemies, turrets, and obstacles that inhabit these precarious terrains. Take your time to explore your environment and collect powerups or go for the full speedrunners experience with other 200 leaderboards, Super Cloudbuilt has multiple paths and multiple endings.

Super Cloudbuilt Screenshot

Players who pre-order will receive exclusive early access to the opening stages of Super Cloudbuilt, with access to the tutorial, three full levels, and a “playground” practice area. This exclusive area is designed to let you master the controls before other people have even considered the phrase “grenade jumping” and won’t be available outside of pre-orders.

Super Cloudbuilt Screenshot

The practice area has its own set of leaderboards so you can work on shaving down those times, making you fully skilled for launch day, and replay those levels to your heart’s content in ranked mode. You’ll also receive four free pre-order exclusive character outfits for Demi to wear when the full game launches — log into your DoubleID account in the demo to unlock — on top of a tasty 10% pre-order discount.

Super Cloudbuilt Screenshot

So, if you’re the sort of person who longs to feel the wind in their jetpacks, or the reassuring hum as your exo-suit propels you between impossibly high structures, look for Super Cloudbuilt on Xbox One later this month.