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Rutger Hauer to Star in >observer_ Launching August 15 on Xbox One

Greetings from Krakow! If you know Bloober Team at all, you know we are big cyberpunk fans. We love evil megalithic corporations, technology run amok, black pleather pants, and neon. Lots of neon.

When we started the search for our voice actor who would portray our lead character in >observer_, we had our eyes set squarely on one of our European brethren, a card-carrying member of the Cyberpunk Hall of Fame. Today, we’re proud to announce that the Observer, Detective Dan Lazarski, mind-hacker extraordinaire, will be voiced by none other than Rutger Hauer, the replicant-in-chief of our favorite cyberpunk movie, “Blade Runner.”

More good news! >observer_ is launching on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on August 15. That’s, like, a month away. While we put the finishing touches on our cyberpunk horror story, we’d like to share with you our new trailer (see above), which introduces the dark dystopia that is the year 2084. We hope you enjoy.

Finally, for those of you heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week, >observer_ will be playable at the Lionsgate booth! Swing by and get your hands on >observer_, and you will also have a chance to win signed Rutger swag. Get there fast before it disappears, like tears in the rain.