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Find Your Own Path in Super Cloudbuilt Available Now on Xbox One

Super Cloudbuilt is a high-energy rocket parkour platformer, blending flexible play and physics based movement to put you in control. It’s about finding your own path, and giving you the tools to play your own way; whether that’s through open level design, multiple challenge types, or the extensive controller and visual settings.

You’ll play as Demi, a wounded soldier on a complicated journey. Waking up alone in the shell of a ruined hospital, outside of her own body, she hopes to understand her new reality. With a rocket-powered exo suit, a multi-use energy gun, and the ability to blast herself across massive chasms to reach distant platforms, your skills will be tested to the limits in Super Cloudbuilt as you learn to maneuver the tricky terrain and take out hostile enemies without plummeting into the abyss below.

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Since most surfaces in the game are climbable, if you can see a distant platform or ledge you can probably reach it if you angle and boost just right. If you don’t like the look of a tunnel, you can go over it. If you’re having trouble getting part a group of enemies, then you can turn around and find another route. There are beacons that signal the direction of checkpoints to take you to the end of the level, but you can ignore all of this and figure out your own direction.

Take your time to explore, or you can leap and boost at breakneck speeds and attempt to top one of over 200 leaderboards. Completing challenges will also grant you items such as Super Weapon, Focus trigger and Shield Gun that will help you on your journey. The story can also be experienced in different ways, depending on which levels you complete and master, with multiple endings to discover, with some even reserved for only the best players.

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It’s all about choosing what works best for you in Super Cloudbuilt, like the ability to set your own button layout (or use one of the pre-set configurations), as well as several unique graphic settings like Painted, which turns your game into a living watercolor, or Sketch which drains all the color and transforms the game into a pencil drawing.

For more details on Super Cloudbuilt, follow Coilworks on Twitter @Coilworks and Publisher Double Eleven @DoubleElevenLtd.