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Play Bleed to Become the Greatest Hero of All Time

Woah, I’m on Xbox Wire? Hi, mom!

My name’s Ian, and I got my start making games on the Xbox Live Indie Games service (maybe some of you remember it?). I’m really stoked to announce that Bleed, the game I’m most proud of from my time there, is graduating to an official Xbox One release thanks to indie publishing label Digerati. Bleed will launch on August 24, and is available to pre-order now at 20% off!

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When I set out to make Bleed, my goal was to take the platformers and shoot ’em ups that I loved and make them feel more modern and acrobatic and free. The result was a twin-stick action-platformer, a game that lets you shoot freely in one direction, while triple-air-dodging around bullets in another, while also slowing down time to boot!

Basically, the controls empower you as much as possible, so that the game can (fairly) ask more of you, too. Threats are constant and come from all angles, and there’s always a giant boss fight or set piece just around the corner. The important thing is that you’re always equipped to deal with the challenge, no matter how big it seems. You can even get a friend to help in local co-op, or get your feet wet on easy mode before working your way up to all the new boss patterns and enemy placements on the more difficult settings.

Bleed Screenshot

If you’re more into story, Bleed stars a young girl named Wryn who wants to be the “Greatest Hero of All Time, ” but the world already has plenty of heroes. Naturally, Wryn’s plan is to take the heroes out one by one until the top spot is cleared for herself — and you get to help! Whee! (Bleed is more about gameplay, but I tried to have some fun with the story).

Being an old school run and gun, Bleed just feels most at home on consoles, and I’m thrilled to bring it into the big leagues and the wider audience of Xbox One. I hope you action gamers looking for a fresh experience will give it a shot, and feel the love I put into it every day throughout its development. Please grab a controller (or two, with a friend) and get ready to become the “Greatest Hero of All Time” on August 24!