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Hack Your Fears in >observer_ on Xbox One Today

The headlines today… they can be frightening. Threats of nuclear war, hacked banks, hacked accounts — heck, even “Game of Thrones” was hacked! Nothing is safe. These are the headlines that inspired us to create the dystopian world of >observer_. A war-torn world, where a single corporation rules with an iron fist, where police can hack our minds, with or without cause. A cyberpunk world of implants and upgrades, where machine and man lose themselves in each other. Where the slums are covered up by holograms, because holograms are less expensive than making the slums livable.

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You play as Detective Dan Lazarski, an Observer with the authority to hack and invade suspects’ minds to solve crimes. As reprehensible as that idea may sound to you and me, Lazarkski considers himself one of the good guys. He’s trying to solve a series of murders and track down his missing son. But to do so, he’ll need to hack into some very unsavory — and sometimes innocent — people.

We’re big fans of cyberpunk here at Bloober. “Ghost in the Shell,” “Akira,” and of course, “Blade Runner.” We’re overjoyed that Rutger Hauer, star of “Blade Runner” and a card-carrying member of the cyberpunk hall of fame, joined us on this journey to bring Dan Lazarski to life. As you play through our version of 2084, you’ll probably notice the winks and nods to the cyberpunk stories that inspired us.

Observer Screenshots

Our last game, Layers of Fear, dealt with the edge of sanity, that place on the cliff’s edge, just before you topple over into the abyss. With >observer_, we wanted to explore the borders of humanity. Who are you if you’re in someone else’s mind; or if they are in yours? And because we make horror games, we’ll be trying to scare the pants off you every minute of the way.

From all of us here at Bloober Team in Krakow, thank you! We hope the future we’ve created frightens you as much as it frightens us.