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gamescom 2017: ReCore Definitive Edition Brings Players HDR, New Adventures and T8-NK Corebot!

Hello Far Eden Explorers!

We are excited to announce the ReCore Definitive Edition which lets players experience the game’s mysterious and dynamic world with enhanced visuals (increased resolution and HDR), a brand-new adventure, “Eye of Obsidian”, and the long-awaited T8-NK Corebot (“Tank”) who joins Joule, Mack, Seth, Duncan, and Violet as they explore new environments and dungeons while battling the deadly “Obsidian Cult”.

In addition to driving the T8-NK over quicksand and traveling across Far Eden with new power and speed, players will enjoy new weapon modes for Joule, new gear for all Corebots, more enemy types and many other gameplay and performance enhancements. With all this plus the help of a mysterious new character known as “AOK”, will you be able to stop the Obsidian Cult before they succeed?

Available worldwide on August 29, existing ReCore players will receive the “Eye of Obsidian” adventure, the T8-NK Corebot, and all the other enhancements, for free, as an online update. New players can download the ReCore Definitive Edition within their Xbox Game Pass membership or purchase it for $19.99 as an Xbox Play Anywhere game for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC from the Microsoft Store.

Happy adventuring, and we’ll see you on Far Eden!