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X-Morph: Defense, a Twin-Stick Shooter, Tower Defense Hybrid is Available Now on Xbox One

Hello, Xbox fans! After five years of developing X-Morph: Defense, I am very proud to announce it’s now available on the Xbox One for $19.99.

One of our primary design goals was to combine the best qualities of both the twin-stick shooter and tower defense genres. If you haven’t played tower defense games before, don’t worry you will be able to shoot your way through a lot of tough situations. The same principle also works the other way around. If you’re not good at twin stick shooters but are a good strategist, you can plan your defenses in such a way that shooting skills won’t be necessary.

X-Morph Defense Screenshot

Some of you may be thinking, “But what if I’m good at both twin stick shooters and tower defense games?” We’ve got three difficulty levels to balance that equation. On the hardest difficulty setting, X-Morph: Defense will challenge your skills to the max.

We know that a lot of you enjoy playing games with a friend on the same couch the most. We’ve included a separate, co-op version of the campaign, with additional challenges to have you team up and plan your approach to each enemy wave.

X-Morph Defense Screenshot

Another of our primary design goals was to make the entire environment destructible. We’ve created our own game engine, the Schmetterling to make that possible. You’ll be able to destroy everything in the game and use the environment to your advantage. Our engine utilizes all of Xbox One’s CPU cores to the max which allows the game to run at fluid 60 FPS.

We’ve poured our hearts and minds into X-Morph: Defense, and I hope that you will enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.