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Don’t Starve Together Now Available on Xbox One

Don’t Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion to our game, Don’t Starve, an uncompromising wilderness survival game. To help you survive, here’s some tips to get started with your friends (or frenemies).

Get Familiar

If you’ve never played Don’t Starve before, we suggest getting a private server up and playing by yourself for a while. This allows you to experiment with the game and get some of the basic controls down before heading out with others.

If you’re playing with other friends, then feel free to jump right in. They’ll teach you the ropes, or you can learn (and maybe starve) together. Playing with friends is still the most fun way to play Don’t Starve Together, especially if you’re just getting started. I heartily recommend playing split-screen or with your friends on Xbox Live.

Don't Starve Together Screenshot

Shared Resources, Shared Consequences

We recommend that you communicate with your fellow survivors so there is some division of labor. This will help your survival rate as the number of mouths to feed increases. In addition, remember that your actions have consequences for everyone. So, if you go insane, you’re going to bring insanity monsters not just to you, but everyone else too. Keep an eye on your sanity bar lest you bring ruin to everyone.

Culinary Arts

After you’ve played a while, you start to understand that cooking has lots of benefits. Experiment with what you can cook (or look them up on wiki’s), and save your ingredients for higher nutritional benefits. This will help you stockpile when winter arrives…

Don't Starve Together Screenshot

Embrace the Chaos

Things will probably go wrong in Don’t Starve Together, and that’s a big part of the fun. Everyone ends up having a different experience, some have a very cooperative experience like a close-knit family, working to live through the winter, while others quickly devolve into “Lord of the Flies” with every survivor fending for themselves.

Oh, and if you have a certain game type that you’d like to experience, pay attention to the Server Intention when creating or joining servers. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Charlie’s world!