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Tricky Towers Now on Xbox One with Exclusive Single-Player Mode

Here at WeirdBeard we’re excited to finally bring our block stacking party game Tricky Towers to Xbox! For those of you unfamiliar with Tricky Towers, imagine stacking blocks but with physics, magic spells, multiple competitive game modes and multiplayer. You’re building towers as high as you can, trying to fit blocks below a laser beam… or in a new single-player mode exclusively for Xbox, you’ll be trying to build a tower fast enough to escape the ever climbing water!

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Other game modes include Race, where the first person to build a tower tall enough to cross the finishing line will win, Survival, where players are competing to place as many bricks as possible in their tower without dropping too many, and finally Puzzle mode where players have to lay down as many bricks as they can below a brick vaporizing laser beam. If you want fast and frantic action where you can throw down bricks wildly and not worry about one or two (or five, or ten) falling into the sea, then Race is the mode for you. Survival keeps some of the tension as you hurry to be faster than your friends, but also requires more careful use of spells and placement of bricks. Puzzle mode really rewards forward thinking and smarts above speed and reflexes.

There are also a number of single-player trials where we could really play around with giving players unusual scenarios to try and cope with. The magic spells are a really fun part of the game, and in some of the trials we went all out with particular spells — for instance, one spell enlarges opponents bricks to double the normal size. Normally you might see this a few times in a match, but what if you had a trial where you keep getting your bricks enlarged over and over again?

Tricky Towers Screenshot

You can play the game offline with friends on your couch in the traditional fashion, or via the internet including through matchmaking. While there’s no such thing as a ‘best way to play’, we have to say that getting four friends together for a tournament is hard to beat! We also published a free tournament kit on our website with everything you’ll need to have a great time with up to 16 friends! Enjoy Tricky Towers on the Xbox One, we’re looking forward to seeing what you all think!