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The Culling Graduates from Xbox Game Preview

Today The Culling emerges into the spotlight as a fully-featured, full-fledged, fully-operational battle station… errr video game.

When we first announced that The Culling would be coming to Xbox Game Preview at E3 2017, we knew the program would be perfect for a small studio like ours. Building a game for Xbox One can be intimidating – there’s a lot involved from a technical standpoint and the Xbox community has high expectations in terms of quality. Game Preview represented a bridge that would allow us to bring The Culling to a massive new audience and teach us some very important lessons along the way.

And learn we did!

The Culling Screenshot

We were overwhelmed (literally) with the interest and support you showed. We gained tremendous insight from your feedback, which led to new features, bug fixes, game balance and optimizations. This process transformed The Culling into something we’re proud to say is the first entry in the Battle Royale genre to see a full release. As pioneers of this exciting emerging genre, you have served as the compass guiding our great adventure.

October 6 officially marks debut of The Culling 1.0. In this launch update to the game, we are turning the action up to eleven by introducing a new class of Golden Weapons to match events. These implements of destruction will grant you a variety of new powers, such as the ability to double jump or to charge your swings longer for ridiculous damage.

But that’s not all. We are also introducing achievements, bug fixes and a crazy assortment of new customization items, along with one of our most requested features: proximity and teammate voice chat.

The Culling Screenshot

To mark the occasion, we’re also starting a new season on the leaderboards (with a freshly tweaked scoring formula per your request). Now’s the time to get out there and make a name for yourself. We encourage you to pick up the biggest, sharpest thing you can find and take your rightful place on the podium.

Dress rehearsal is over. It’s showtime! Time to show ’em what you got. See you in the arena!