The Evil Within 2 Hero Image

The Evil Within 2 Available Now on Xbox One

Return as Detective Sebastian Castellanos to the nightmarish world of The Evil Within 2. As a broken man with nothing to live for, Castellanos was content to let his life fade away into the bottom of a bottle. That was until he discovered the daughter he thought dead is actually held captive by the same shadowy organization that destroyed his life.

To save her, Castellanos must descend once again into another one Mobius’s terrible creations: the world of Union, where threats will emerge from every corner and he must rely on his wits to survive.

Craft traps, sneak by enemies, or simply find a dark corner to hide in, you’ll need to utilize a variety of skills to help battle the horrors you’ll face as you descend into this broken world. To help with that, we have a couple of tips to help you survive.

Hunt for Resources
Resources are key for you to be able craft items you’ll need in The Evil Within 2. Use the Communicate to pick up the resources you need, like ammo, medical and crafting supplies. Even garbage cans may have what you’re looking for.

Know When to Run
There’s no shame in admitting you’re overmatched. Sure, you may miss out on a few resources as you’re sprinting by a horde of monsters. But sometimes it’s best to regroup and shore up on ammunition and then take the fight back to those monsters!

Break Those Boxes
It may be one of the oldest video game rules in the book, but it absolutely applies here. Many of the items you’re looking for (ammo, medical supplies) may be hiding in a fragile crate that needs some breaking.

With its mix of survival horror, nightmarish creature designs, and captivating story, The Evil Within 2 aims to scratch that horror game itch for the Fall season. You can download it today from the Xbox Store.