tinyBuild Action-Packed Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: tinyBuild Action-Packed Bundle
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Game Description: BANG BOOM POW!!! Cut to the chase, it’s leaping on speeding trucks in Clustertruck, it’s punching through organized crime in Mr. Shifty, it’s drop-kicking crocodiles in Punch Club – this is tinyBuild’s most action-packed bundle yet! This bundle is not only ClusterTruck’s 100+ levels of jetpacking, grappling-hooking, truck-flipping mayhem, it’s also teleporting through walls and through bullets to punch armed guards through windows in Mr.Shifty. PLUS you’ll be training to rise through the ranks of an underground fight league in Punch Club. Catch up on all of tinyBuild’s biggest releases in one place!

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Product Info:
Developer: Various
Publisher: tinyBuild
Website: tinyBuild Games
Twitter: @LazyBearGames / @LandfallGames / @teamshiftygames @tinyBuild