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Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator Available Now on Xbox One

Get ready to take control of an F/A-18 Hornet and perform all the real aerobatics of the Blue Angels in Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator! Thanks to our collaboration with the United States Navy, we have created something that goes beyond a standard flight simulator: an innovative system focused on aerobatics and formation flying that will let you experience the thrill of real aerobatic flight.

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Rortos has recreated all the official maneuvers of the team, including the spectacular figures performed with the C-130 Fat Albert. And to achieve the best results, our specialists have studied alongside the Blue Angels team at their base in Pensacola, Florida. Working with such professional pilots and technicians have been very exciting for us.

This complete flight experience includes performing maneuvers in any of the Blue Angels’ roles and five accurately reproduced scenarios in NAF El Centro, NAS Key West, Reno, Elmendorf AFB, and Baltimore.

Blue Angels Screenshot

I’m a sports pilot and great flight enthusiast, and I have embraced this challenge to enable anyone to have a go at the spectacular aerobatics of this fantastic team. Have fun playing Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator!