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Chaotic Party Game Marooners Available Now on Xbox One

Me and my brother Matt have always shared a love of competitive multiplayer games… even though only one of us can win them. Our first games were multiplayer, and we just kept going. Marooners started life as a Global Game Jam entry, which won the National Jury and Audience Award in the Netherlands.

Marooners has a classic formula: chase treasure and beat up your friends in a dangerous environment. But we spiced it up by switching to a different mini-game unpredictably so that you need to stay on your toes (or stand on your opponent’s).

We’ve packed Marooners with 25 different mini-games and arenas, set in locations from frozen snowfields to lily-pad covered lakes and burning pools of lava. Some of the most fun we had in development was creating these settings and seeing them come to life! We obviously took a lot of inspiration from various famous adventure movies (why yes, we do have a game mode where you must flee ahead of a huge boulder), but much of it is original and simply inspired by our own observations of the natural world. Our light-hearted cartoon style made it easy for us to try all kinds of different decorations and mini-games.

This love of variety also led to us creating several characters to choose from, along with an incredible 70+ weapons to discover. As well as all the typical stuff like swords, clubs, and axes we also let our imaginations run wild to come up with anything that might be amusing to harass your friends with. And so, we’ve got toilet brushes, flags, balloons, toothbrushes, and even broccoli! To make sure you can really create a unique character we also added the option to pick colors for your clothing and weapons.

We even found a solution to that old problem of gathering enough friends on your couch for a full game! You can mix local and online players, so that you can play with three friends on your couch and find more online: the best of both worlds! Or you can just add in some bots to make up the numbers – they enjoy any game mode and are 99% guaranteed not to rage-quit.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online!