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Get Lost in Fe’s Unfathomable Forests, Available Now on Xbox One

Fe arrives today on Xbox One. By now, we hope you’ve had a chance to glimpse a few of the breathtaking images from the game. It’s a strikingly lovely world, a marvelously contoured land of hidden valleys, shimmering waterfalls, and towering evergreens looking down over vast valleys teeming with life. The forest is a world of quiet, sublime beauty, a canvas of bold colors and deep shadows… some concealing hidden menace. As Fe, you will explore this expansive, marvelous, and occasionally frightening wilderness.

The Silent Ones have come, seizing the wild animals of the wood for their own mysterious purposes. As Fe, you will unravel this riddle and free the trapped creatures. Along the way, befriend the beasts and learn their language. Sing songs, gain their trust and enlist their aid as they carry you on their backs, guide you to uncover secrets, and swoop down from the skies to aid you. As your journey continues, you’ll gain new powers.

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Gliding from cliff to treetop over fast river valleys, you’ll have to use your wits to outsmart strange, frightening foes along your way. Move nimbly and carefully to avoid the gaze of the ever-vigilant Silent Ones. Rescue captives from under the noses of the towering guardians.

We’re proud to be part of what developer Zoink has created in Fe: a sense of awe and wonder, an appreciation for the serene quiet and thunderous power that coexist in nature. We’re hopeful that you’ll draw the same joy from exploring its strange and exceptional world that we experienced in helping create it.