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Tips and Tricks to Get You Started with Shoppe Keep

Shoppe Keep has now launched on Xbox One and I hope you’re as excited to open your shoppe as we are to release the game! And if you haven’t heard of Shoppe Keep, it’s a game like no other – instead of playing as an epic fantasy hero, Shoppe Keep puts you in the shoes of an ordinary store owner and tasks you with selling swords, shields and armor.

But before you get going, let me offer some tips and tricks for your start-up business! Shoppe Keep is a game with many layers and great depth, so read on to get a head-start in your Shoppe endeavours.

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Shoppe Approval Rating

Your customers are a smart bunch, and they consider multiple factors when deciding whether to Shoppe with you or not. Customers drag mud into your store and taking on thieves will result in the odd dead body on your front step. Naturally, a dirty and murderous Shoppe is off-putting, and you’ll start to see your Shoppe approval rating decrease, and customers visiting your store less often. So make sure to get your broom out and sweep up!

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Shoppe Upgrades

Each time you sell items or order stock, you will earn K Points. These can then be used to unlock upgrades for your Shoppe, which can be accessed via the Order Scroll. These upgrades are vital to growing your business – here are a few of the most useful upgrades we recommend focusing on!

  • Delivery Portal – Purchase the Delivery Portal for faster stock arrival. Speed will be vital to your Shoppe’s success, especially when your business becomes busier.
  • Entry Fee – You can get particularly greedy if you so wish, by charging your customers a small fee to enter your Shoppe!
  • Rich Customers – There’s only so much customers will take, and if you price your items too highly they will leave your Shoppe empty handed, or even try to steal. Which is exactly why the Rich Customers perk is great, increasing customer price tolerance by 30%.
  • Engineering – This perk is a game changer, as it allows you to purchase Helper Bots – friendly little flying robots that will automatically help to restock shelves and zap thieves.
  • Vinyl Player – All good Shoppes set a friendly atmosphere with background music. The Vinyl Player upgrade allows you to pick and choose your favourite tracks from Shoppe Keep’s original soundtrack, to play at any time while running your store!

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Sir Poshington’s Wonderful Wares

As you probably guessed from his name, Sir Poshington is one for the luxuries in life. You can find Poshington just outside your Keeper’s house, and he will be all too happy to sell you deluxe items. If you want a posh gold-plated armour rack, Sir Poshington is your guy. But his wares aren’t just for looks – they also increase customer price tolerance. Top end items come with top end prices, however, so buying from Sir Poshington is a goal for later in your Shoppe keeping life.

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And that’s all for this blog! I could go on, but part of Shoppe Keep’s fun is discovering new ways to make your fantasy business thrive. I hope you enjoy playing the game, and that you find these tips and tricks helpful!

Shoppe Keep is now available digitally on Xbox One, and even has a launch week discount – so why not get it while it’s hot? For all things Shoppe Keep, make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.