MX vs ATV All Out Key Art

How MX vs ATV All Out Gives Riders Complete Freedom

Ask any racer or freestyle rider and they’ll tell you, whips can define a rider. They are the first trick a racer or freestyle rider learns, but a whip isn’t just a whip. Whips are useful, they provide a racing (and gameplay) advantage. Whips can be big, and whips can be small; style and amplitude vary vastly from rider to rider and race to race. What victory lap would be complete without a perfectly executed whip? While whips have been a part of the MX vs ATV franchise almost since its inception, we’ve consistently worked to expand upon the whip experience and make it as rewarding as possible for the player. In MX vs ATV All Out, we have given the player complete control of the bike in mid-air for the first time.

When it comes to gameplay, the MX vs ATV franchise pioneered dual stick control. The left stick is meant to maneuver the bike by controlling the steering and the right stick controls the rider to lean and pitch your bike in the air. The idea always being that the player controls the rider and the rider, in turn, controls the bike.

MX vs ATV All Out Screenshot

MX vs ATV All Out is the first in the franchise to be built in Unreal Engine 4. The Rainbow team was able to use controller input curves within the Unreal engine to control the rotation of an airborne bike. This was done by mapping each thumbstick axis to a rotation of the bike, so when you move the thumbstick right, the rider whips the bike in that direction. This allows the player to control the three axis of rotation (roll, pitch, and yaw) with two thumbsticks, so depending on your input, you can orient the bike organically for the most stylish whips.

The result of this design is completely free whips. This enables our players to create their own style and personal flair. It also improves their racing performance because take-offs and landings matter in a race. Riders – and players – must orient themselves in the air to make sure they land right to continue their race.

As a former motocross rider, I can whip bigger in All Out than I ever could have imagined… and with zero penalty for crashing! Make sure you tag #FreeTheWhip when you post your whips on social so we can share our favorites on @MXvsATV Twitter channel!

MX vs ATV All Out is available now on Xbox One. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for all the latest news for games on the Xbox One family of devices.