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Introducing Ruinous Manor as the New Max-Level Dungeon for TERA on Xbox One

It’s more than just a creaky old ruin filled with monsters and loot — it’s the ultimate fulfillment of a quest line that starts early in your adventuring career, and possibly one of the best stories we’ve ever told.  This may seem like a bold statement for a game that just released but bear with me for a minute while I dive deep into some TERA lore surrounding the new max-level dungeon: Ruinous Manor.

At level 25, players are introduced to the “Insanity Epidemic” plotline, which kicks off a series of story quests and dungeon play that takes you to level 65 and beyond. It not only involves some of the most influential NPCs in the game, but also the gods themselves, and the fallout of their actions many generations before.

Some of the first tasks you complete in this mega-plot involve the mysterious vampyrs, who on the surface look like classic undead nobles from Victorian literature. But vampyrs in TERA aren’t necessarily creatures of the night, and in fact are a fully developed race that’s fallen on some pretty hard times.

Case in point, the constant wars of conquest on the continent of Shara left them without a homeland of their own, forcing them to accept an invitation to join the Popori Kingdom. And things went well for many years until a mysterious wasting sickness started claiming their best and brightest, either killing them outright or mutating them into horrible monstrosities.

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Now, death is not the worst thing that can happen to a vampyr. In fact, it usually works out pretty well for them, since they tend to come back to life with all sorts of cool powers. But in an effort to stop the wasting sickness, some vampyr nobles struck a deal with the Cult of Lok, dedicating themselves to bringing back the trickster god in exchange for a cure.

It didn’t work.

And for the most part, it’s your fault, since you’re always foiling Lokian plots to turn people into gigantic monsters that would otherwise destroy the world. But the vampyr lady Lilith had a much different plan. She threw her influence behind the sleeping god Lakan instead of the dead god Lok, and she doesn’t want a cure for her people, but to accelerate their transformation into powerful beings capable of shaping their own destinies.

Which brings us back to Ruinous Manor, and some minor spoilers. As you might imagine, Lilith is the final boss of Lilith’s Keep. And although it’s not an easy fight, if you defeated her in that dungeon you’ve played straight into her clawed hands. Now she’s risen from the dead as the powerful demon lord Lachelith, and you’ll need all your skills to stop her from unleashing Lakan’s legendary evil upon an unsuspecting world.

And for all our sakes, we hope you’re up to the challenge!

Ruinous Manor
Required Level: 65
Recommended Number of Players: 5
Minimum Item Level: 417
Location: Cliffs of Insanity in Popolion (or via a Keep and Manor Teleport Scroll)
Daily Entry Limit: 1 (2 for elite players)
Bosses: Resurrected Atrocitas, Resurrected Malgarios, Lachelith
Loot: Ambush chest and glove designs, Quatrefoil Brooch designs and materials, materials for crafting Ambush and Guile gear, Guile chest armor pieces, Manorborne and Estateborne accessories, Tier 10 enchanting materials

Ambush gear is the current best in-game set, so collecting crafting patterns and materials from Ruinous Manor will speed you on your way to victory. Hard modes for the current end-game dungeons Lilith’s Keep and Ruinous Manor are coming soon, with additional materials and patterns for Ambush gear.

TERA Ruinous Manor Screenshot

Gameplay Tips

Atrocitas and Malagarios are updated versions of their previous, level 27 appearances (as a world boss and dungeon boss, respectively). Keep your wits about you and you should be fine, but leave a little fuel in your tank for your next fight, since Lachelith is both more powerful and more dangerous than her previous incarnation as Lilith.

Many of her attacks apply a deadly wasting effect, dropping your HP by 20% a second. Healers need to cleanse this effect as soon as possible or get ready to resurrect fallen allies. And watch the screen for Lachelith’s frequent pronouncements of doom. One of them precedes a powerful wave attack that inflicts the Lachelith’s Wrath debuff, which makes you especially vulnerable to her attacks. This is another effect you’ll want to shed as soon as possible since a second stack means instant death!

Also, stay on the lookout for soul spheres. They’re dangerous enough when they first appear, but you’ll need to intercept them before they reach the edge of the combat area and unleash the true potential of Lakan’s power!

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