Phantom Trigger Small Image

Hardcore Neon Slasher Phantom Trigger Available Now on Xbox One with Mixer Integration

This game is a special one for us. We first worked with the developers, Bread Team, when we published a silly game together about slicing sheep in half. That game was whimsical and mathematic and surprising, and we enjoyed teaming up with Bread Team so much that we went straight to concepting the next game.

It was a massive exploratory project. Over three different prototypes, a marriage, a second child, and a war breaking out in the region they lived, Bread Team created Phantom Trigger. Victor Solodilov undertook learning to code in C# while moving his family to East Ukraine, while Denis Novikov experimented with creating pixel art while relocating to Saint Petersburg. Our team at tinyBuild worked alongside them to ideate and produce and, eventually, bring it to Xbox One.

An element we’re particularly excited about is the Mixer integration. Streamers and content creators are our lifeblood at tinyBuild, as they have always been our loudest cheerleaders and most generous fans. We’re always working on ways to make our games more rewarding for streamers, and in Phantom Trigger, we’ve included ways for your audience to play along.

We mentioned above that Phantom Trigger is hardcore — and that’s no joke. The game is difficult, requiring you to master three weapons and a combo system as you fight against hordes of neon demons. You will die lots. Luckily, we’ve given your viewers a way to help you through — they can grant health and level up your weapons. Or, if you’re having just too easy of a time, they can spawn enemies as well. Because it’s the Internet, and what it gives with one hand, it takes away with the other.

Happy slashing!