Video For Conan Exiles Launches From Xbox Game Preview Today

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Conan Exiles Launches From Xbox Game Preview Today

And so it begins anew!

Today Conan Exiles finally shed its Game Preview wings and launched in full on Xbox One. The open world survival game set in the universe of “Conan the Barbarian” is finally ready for the masses.

Conan Exiles Xbox Game Preview started on the August 16, 2017 and with today’s launch, the game has been massively expanded with lots of new content and features.

Conan Exiles Screenshot

We have listened closely to the community during the Xbox Game Preview process and kept on improving and expanding the game before launch.

In Conan Exiles you must survive in a vast and seamless world, build a home and kingdom, dominate your enemies in single and multiplayer. Do battle against savage monsters and tribes of humans, the harsh climate, sandstorms which can rip the flesh from your body and enemy players to survive in the Exiled Lands.

Conan Exiles Screenshot

Choose between hundreds of building pieces and build a strong base to defend yourself. Capture human NPCs and break their will on the wheel of pain so they can become your thralls. Strengthen your base with thrall archers and fighters to defend against the purge, where the creatures of the Exiled Lands rise to drive you from their home.

We have completely revamped the combat system during Xbox Game Preview. Combat is now combo-based, brutal, and very tactical. Many new weapon types have been introduced and each weapon has gotten its own set of unique attacks and animations.

Conan Exiles Screenshot

Conan Exiles offers a vast open world, filled with unique locations, ancient ruins, deep caves and challenging dungeons. Explore the world, from the deserts of the south to the swamps of the east and the highlands in the frozen north.

You can play the game in either single or multiplayer. Play on official servers or rent a private server where you can set the rules yourself and play with the friends you invite.

Conan Exiles Screenshot

We are proud to have gone through the Xbox Game Preview period with the great Conan Exiles community and we hope everyone will love all the new content which has come in for launch.

Your cross awaits, Exile. Time to explore the brand new swamp and volcano, try out the new combat system and face off against the purge!

See you in Hyboria!