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Embark on an Adventure in Moonlighter, Available Now on Xbox One

Moonlighter is the story of Will, a humble shopkeeper that dreams of being a hero, just like the customer visiting his shops.

For us this was always a story very close to our hearts since, as game developers, we started working for other people. We developed games that were not based on our own ideas but, secretly, we always dreamt of developing our own worlds, telling our own stories.

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Just like Will, we dreamt of being heroic indie developers, while we humbly developed the games of others, to make a living.

It all started with this idea about playing as the (always ready!) shopkeeper of your typical JRPG and, from there, it evolved into something that got inspirations from games we love. From Zelda: The Minish Cap to The Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, and Rune Factory.

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We really liked this concept of mixing a management, shopkeeping, and a rogue-lite, but with a coming of age story to it. Slowly we started to realize that we really wanted to make this game a reality.

It has been a slow, three years long, development process. It included some amazing moments, like the super successful Kickstarter campaign that we will always be grateful for.

And now, it’s ready to be released.

Moonlighter Screenshot

We are super happy to share the game with you. It’s not a perfect game, it’s just our first game, but we did our best and there is a lot of love into it. We really hope you enjoy Moonlighter.

We think that it’s worth pursuing your dreams, just like Will.