Video For Roblox’s Heroes Event Soars into Action on Xbox One

Roblox’s Heroes Event Soars into Action on Xbox One

The limited-time Heroes event has arrived on Xbox One, Roblox fans! Trouble is brewing and new threats are emerging from the shadows. It’s time to embrace your destiny and show the universe what heroes are truly made of. Complete special in-game quests to snag exclusive virtual prizes now in Swordburst 2, Super Hero Life II, and Heroes!

Swordburst 2

A recent addition to Roblox’s library of free-to-play games on Xbox One, Swordburst 2 takes players on an epic fantasy adventure like no other. You’ll battle armies of savage beasts, discover powerful new weapons, and explore vast worlds teeming with loot. If you’re seeking new challenges to conquer, look no further than this acclaimed RPG from community developers AbstractAlex, Blocky_Max, OKevinO, and SIevin. Complete these heroic deeds and you’ll earn some sweet new items for your Roblox avatar:

  • Help the distressed villager retrieve the stolen goods!
  • Eliminate the monsters terrorizing Arcadia!

Roblox Heroes Event Screenshot

Super Hero Life II

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s CJ_Oyer’s smash-hit sequel to Super Hero Life! Choose from a staggering array of superpowers and become the hero you’ve always dreamed of. Want to be a wall-crawling, psychic warrior skilled in martial arts? Or a sword-wielding, ninja-inspired hero with force field abilities? No problem! Create your own alter ego and enter a world where crime never sleeps. Restore peace to the city and you’ll get even more awesome heroic-themed items on Roblox:

  • Fly into action and defeat the new supervillain before it’s too late!
  • Win a round of Identity Hunt and learn who’s the hero behind the mask!

Roblox Heroes Event Screenshot


Next up is an epic hack-and-slash adventure game from Roblox developer Davidii. Inspired by classic isometric dungeon crawlers, you’ll embark on an endless gauntlet of increasingly difficult foes who want nothing more than to completely crush you. But don’t fret—as you fight alongside your friends and delve deeper into the dungeon, you’ll constantly find stronger weapons to help you on your quest. Fulfill your heroic potential by completing these missions and you’ll be rewarded greatly:

  • Discover the souls of four legendary heroes and root out the great evil lurking in the dungeon.
  • Assemble a key by finding five hidden pieces and defeat the monster trapped in the chamber.

Your adventure is already starting to unfold. Play with friends and earn exclusive virtual prizes during the all-new Heroes event from June 5 – June 19 on Roblox!