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Reveal Your Controversial Opinions in the Mature Party Game Awkward on Xbox One

Everyone at Snap Finger Click is really excited for the release of our brand-new party game, Awkward!

Awkward is a bit different from our previous party games, Act it Out! and It’s Quiz Time. While we’ve so far concentrated on family-friendly titles, Awkward is our first release made for grown-ups. The game asks you questions, designed to spark debate, which your fellow players must guess the answer to. At first, the questions start off quite tame such as whether you think pineapple belongs on pizza, or whether you prefer cake or ice cream for dessert. However, as the game progresses, the questions ramp up in awkwardness.

The seeds for Awkward were first laid when I started talking to my friends about relationships. Most of my friend circle have been married and settled down for many years. Sometimes we found ourselves missing those early days of dating when you’re learning so much about each other, telling stories and revealing secrets. I couldn’t help but wonder if we could somehow gamify those conversations, to lead the players into a place where they reveal facts about themselves that they wouldn’t normally talk about. As we experimented, we realized posing difficult questions naturally led players to explain why they had chosen certain answers, and in turn would reveal tidbits of information about their lives they’d never revealed before.

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We originally envisioned Awkward as a game for couples, answering questions about each other and their relationship. But over time, we discovered that playing with friends and family was fun too – if the questions made sense. We didn’t want to lose the intimate questions that only romantic couples could answer about each other, so we categorized the questions to match different relationship types. When you set-up a game, you indicate how you know the other players, and only the appropriate questions are asked.

Getting the right balance for the questions has been a challenge to say the least. I co-wrote the questions alongside Danny Gallagher, who has also written for Jackbox Games’ Fibbage and Quiplash. There was a lot of back-and-forth between us to hit the right tone. The topics we cover range from romantic relationships to personal hygiene to political views and more. Often we want to make you laugh, other times we want to shock you, and sometimes we really want to put you on the spot with an impossible question. We’ve found some questions can cause really heated debates!

One of my favorite features in Awkward is that you can compare yourself to the rest of the world after every question. Do you fit in with society, or do you go against the grain? And when your opinion wildly differs from the rest of the world, does it make you question your judgment? Awkward certainly gets people talking.

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There are a few ways to play: a co-op game for 2 players; a team game for 4 or 6 players; a match-up mode for 3-6 players; a solo mode for a single player guessing how the rest of the world have answered questions; and – finally – Live Show.

The Live Show mode is made especially for broadcasting over streaming platforms such as Mixer and has become a staple of all Snap Finger Click games. Viewers can predict how the host has answered questions by typing their guesses into the chat. As a streamer, it’s a fun way to interact with your followers and get to know them better.

If you want to hear more about Awkward or send us your feedback, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @snapfingerclick. We can’t wait to hear what you think!