Shift Quantum Level Editor Small Image

Shift Your Imagination with Shift Quantum’s Level Editor on Xbox One

At last! Today marks the long-awaited launch of Shift Quantum, our cyber-noir puzzle platformer, which is the dystopian brainchild of us folks at Fishing Cactus and Red Panda Interactive.

We wanted Shift Quantum to be more than just a puzzle game, where we aim to draw you into the world, give you purpose and ask questions. Shift Quantum’s core creates perspective duality by inverting the world between black and white, but we wanted to deliver this conflicting two-sided existence beyond more than just the aesthetics.

Shift Quantum Screenshot

During development, we paid particular attention to the details; making it an interesting, rewarding and challenging experience. Shift Quantum’s Level Editor is not just a tool, it is part of the detail that brings the story to life.

When you play Shift Quantum, you participate in the Axon Vertigo’s experience. When you use the Level Editor to create your own puzzle challenges, you are no longer as an experimental subject, instead, you put yourself into the shoes of an employee of Axon Vertigo creating cerebral progression levels for the Shift Quantum program. Just like our game designers when they created all 117 levels of the game.

Shift Quantum Screenshot

The wide variety of gameplay blocks associated with the shift mechanic is an open door to creativity and head-scratching solutions. You will be able to conceive your own crazy levels, share them with communities to be played and receive a level rating. The higher and more ratings you get, the top of Axon Vertigo’s best level page you will go.

We needed the tool to be very user-friendly and easy to pick up and to guide you in your first steps, Mary from Axon Vertigo has provided a preview video on how it all works. Remember we are delivering happiness to all subjects, so have fun!