Trove - Geode Launch Small Image

Explore an Entirely New Planet in Trove – Geode on Xbox One

We are incredibly excited to launch Trove – Geode on Xbox One today! We created Geode with the goal of introducing entirely new ways to play and interact with the Trove universe. This vision led us down two unique paths: cave exploration and problem solving beneath the surface of a besieged planet, and a fun, fast, and frenetic competitive multiplayer game mode called Bomber Royale.

When you first land on Geode, you’ll find yourself in a vast new HUB – the Geode Sanctuary. Explore the last bastion of safety for the inhabitants of Geode, who seek refuge from the evil forces of shadow. To prepare for the shadow’s onslaught (in U10+ coming later this year), you’ll need to explore the caves beneath the Sanctuary. Cave exploration puts an emphasis on new movement types, collecting rare resources, and saving the critters found in the caves. You’ll be building and upgrading a whole new set of modules, specifically designed to allow you to explore deeper and more quickly into the sprawling network of caves. You can also hatch and raise companion creatures who will join your expeditions, providing exploration benefits as well. Explore deep enough and you’ll even find lairs, which are jackpots of crystals and resources!

Trove - Geode Screenshot

Additionally, this new mode of gameplay comes with a new profession (Crystallogy), new mounts to collect, a parallel mastery track, and much more!

For those with a more competitive mindset, we have an entirely new competitive mode to check out: Bomber Royale. Twenty players will fight to be the last Trovian standing, throwing bombs at each other that not only cause damage, but can also destroy the map itself. Use your Climbing Claw to hookshot away from danger and collect other power-ups like Stick Bombs, Boost Jumps, and Lava Bombs. Over time, the map will also start deconstructing from the outside in, so keep your head on a swivel, because danger comes from every direction! Since the player thrown bombs do damage as the map randomly deconstructs, it’s never the same game twice. Sessions are short, fast, and fun; even if you don’t have a ton of time, you can always catch a game or two (or ten) of Bomber Royale.

Trove - Geode Screenshot

New achievements are available with this update, so make sure to put on your achievement hunter hats and increase your Gamerscore.

Our whole development team is incredibly proud of our newest free expansion and we can’t wait to see you all in-game. Thank you for your continued support and we’ll see you on Geode!