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Join the Hunt for the Savage New Warframe in The Sacrifice on Xbox One

We didn’t think it was possible. Building, testing, and launching The Sacrifice on Xbox One in three weeks? All while in an intense crunch mode for TennoCon, our third-ever Warframe convention in two days? We must believe in miracles, ‘cause the incredible Warframe console team made our dream a reality, and The Sacrifice is now live on Xbox One!

The third in Warframe’s Cinematic Quest storyline, The Sacrifice follows the Apostasy Prologue (revealed last December), with a foreboding vision that will take you on the hunt for this seemingly savage new Warframe. When progress on Umbra was finally revealed at TennoCon 2017, players were crying with overwhelming joy (okay maybe not physically crying; I like to imagine), but they were ecstatic! The three-year wait for the Umbra Warframe was finally happening, and it was worth the wait. The Sacrifice answers questions left unanswered in The Apostasy Prologue, but also leaves players with entirely new questions.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Screenshot

You should know that The Sacrifice is for all Warframe players, but it is available deeper into the game than, say, Plains of Eidolon. Only Tenno who have been through the roller coaster of The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow, and the Apostasy Prologue will be able to learn the plight of The Lotus, Ballas, and more.

What else can we tell you without spoiling the goods? The Sacrifice update includes several quality of life additions. Exalted weapons such as Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and Valkyr’s Talons are now moddable in the Arsenal; you can show off your fashion frames in a new Captura scene based on The Sacrifice or emblazon your profiles with a new Umbra Profile Glyph, and if you like free things, you can use this promo code, OLDFRIEND, for a free Orokin tea set decoration and a 3-day Affinity Booster until July 20, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET at warframe.com/promocode. Also, we’ve taken the first step in revamping Warframe’s UI by adding a few customizable UI themes, updated vendor menus (like Baro, Syndicates, etc.), new UI sounds across all menus, and more.

Warframe: The Sacrifice Screenshot

We said from the beginning with Umbra that we wanted to give players a lore-driven narrative behind him, and not just an Excalibur skin. Finally, we’re able to share that story and I’m overjoyed that we’re able to make it happen before TennoCon 2018! We eagerly await your reactions, questions, and excitement, and I personally can’t wait to word-vomit lore theories with you on Xbox One @ 1!