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10 Tips for Earthfall, Available Now on Xbox One

Our team at Holospark has been working relentlessly on Earthfall, a four-player cooperative shooter that challenges players to survive hordes of ruthless alien drones and their inscrutable masters, and we’re excited that it is now available on Xbox One! Success in Earthfall is not an easy task – so here are 10 tips on how you and your buddies can survive this near-future hostile takeover of Earth. Buckle up and get ready to kill all aliens!

Upgrade your Barricade Doors

One of the first things that you will notice as you travel through the alien infested Pacific Northwest is that there are deployable Barricade Doors, which can be placed either aligned with walls and doorways, or out in the open. Once you deploy them – you don’t have to be done with them! Find a Propane Tank and hook it up to the Barricade Door for a toasty surprise for your alien foes, or throw an Arc Grenade at it and those aliens will be in for a shocking discovery.

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Move your Mounted Guns

You are also likely to find both manual and automated Mounted Guns on your journey. Where you deploy them doesn’t have to be their final resting place! You can always hold down the Interact button to pick them back up and reposition them to your liking.

Prioritize targeting Enragers

As you go about your alien-busting ways, you’ll occasionally find an alien that doesn’t attack you, but rather lets out an eerie pulse as it floats through the air. It’s your job to kill all aliens – especially this one. Enragers may not fight you directly, but they empower the rest of the alien horde to become faster and stronger, so take them out first!

Two pistols are better than one

You start every level with a pistol, but even if you find another of the same pistol, pick it up. Unlike most weapons, you can dual wield two identical pistols. And you know what the best part is? They never run out of ammo!

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Melee Sappers before you kill them

We all have really loud, obnoxious, bumbling friends. That’s what the Sappers are as a part of the alien posse. If they run up to you, make sure that you melee them first. This will cause them to bounce backward so that when you kill them, their viscous alien goop doesn’t get all over you!

3D Printers are your best friend

Good weapons and ammunition aren’t always easy to find when aliens have taken over your planet. On the plus side, with all of the advancements 3D printing technology, you have an unlimited amount of weapons and ammunition as long as you concentrate your fights around your local neighborhood 3D printer!

Kite Beasts

Beasts are the big baddies that can easily take your successful excursion into the extraterrestrial wilderness and turn it into a wasteland of human remains. Don’t bother fighting these guys up close. Your best bet is to have your landmines placed, automated turrets deployed and your favorite running shoes on so that you keep moving as you blast away at the Beast.

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You may be down, but you are not out

Not everyone will make it through each level unscathed. Once you run out of health, you will be downed, but you can keep fighting with your secondary weapon while in this state! If you continue to take damage, you might fall unconscious, but your friends can still get you up so you can keep fighting for the cause!

Overwhelm Blackouts

Blackouts are the most mysterious of the special alien types in the game. They have rotating shields, they fire plasma at you from a distance and they will stun you as they teleport around the area. The best strategy to deal with them is to quickly take down their shields with grenades or focused fire so that they become stunned, then keep laying it on them!

Hopefully with those tips, you feel equipped to get out there and take back Earth from the alien invaders. As a final extra tip, make sure that you are always listening carefully to the sounds that the aliens make. Each special alien has its own unique warning sound to let you know that it is coming to eradicate the human race, so if you pay attention, you will always know what you are about to face!

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You can get Earthfall right now on Xbox One for $29.99, or Earthfall Deluxe for $39.99. Grab a copy, get out there and kill all aliens!