Digital Extremes Reveals the Future of Warframe at TennoCon 2018

Video forDigital Extremes Reveals the Future of Warframe at TennoCon 2018

Warframe is charting a bold new future, taking the fight from a planet’s surface to the outer atmosphere.

During our annual TennoCon event, we revealed our next two free Warframe updates with a live, 32-minute gameplay demo. Over 2,000 Tenno watched in-person, joined by 400,000 more online, as we explored our new open world on Venus and our most ambitious update yet — Codename: Railjack.

Welcome to Fortuna

Our live gameplay demo began in the neon underworld of Fortuna, home of Solaris United. Customizable weapons, K-Drives (our version of hoverboards), and trapping gear: the Solaris have it all for the right price. Buy what you need, then journey up to the planet’s surface where unknown dangers lurk.

Volatile skies of blue and orange clouds roll over the terraformed surface of Venus. In the Fortuna update, you’ll explore the open Landscape of the Orb Vallis. With your K-Drive, ride to the top of the snowy mountains, fight (or run from!) giant arachnid robots, and free the Solaris United from their profit-driven overlords, the Corpus.

Video forDigital Extremes Reveals the Future of Warframe at TennoCon 2018

That’s why you’re here, Tenno. Find Solaris agents hidden around the Vallis, accept new Bounties, and support their guerilla war for freedom from debt-slavery.

Gear up! The liberation begins in late 2018.

Codname: Railjack

After the Fortuna update, Warframe is heading to the lawless frontier of space. Enlist a crew, manage your battlestations and engage in dogfights and boarding operations.

Currently codenamed “Railjack,” this expansion features a fully customizable, multi-manned spacecraft. With up to four players, board your Railjack and seamlessly travel from the surface of Venus to the ruins of space.

Video forDigital Extremes Reveals the Future of Warframe at TennoCon 2018

You and your crew will need to coordinate responsibilities to survive — from piloting the craft and manning the guns to tactical power management and hull repairs. Go on the offensive by coordinating a boarding party to destroy enemy capital ships from the inside. Eliminate their crew, take out their reactors and get out before the ship explodes.

The Railjack update is currently in development. We can’t wait to share more soon!

Thank you to our wonderful Tenno community for your incredible five years of support. For those of you just discovering Warframe for the first time, now is a perfect time to download Warframe for free and get familiar with the rest of the game! We’ll see you in the Solar System!