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10 Tips & Tricks for Mastering Hyper Universe on Xbox One

If you’re looking for a high-speed MOBA that combines team strategy with side-scrolling action, then you’re in luck, because Nexon’s brand new free-to-play game Hyper Universe is officially out now on Xbox One! Hyper Universe pits you in a 4v4 match with the goal of eliminating the enemy team’s towers, giving you 39 colorful characters to choose from (called Hypers), each with a specialized skill set that can wreak havoc on your foes. With a huge array of characters and equipment at your disposal, Hyper Universe is easy to pick up, but tricky to master, which is why we’ve compiled a helpful list of tips and tricks to help you get out there and start wiping the floor with your enemies!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Familiarize yourself with different Hypers. Each Hyper can only be used by one teammate at a time, so have a backup ready in case someone chooses your main!
  • Create different equipment loadouts for the Hypers that you like to play. Every Hyper has a default loadout that they can select at the start of a match, but creating custom loadouts will allow you to vary your Hyper’s play style to mesh with your teammates and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses!

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  • When upgrading equipment, you’ll get the most value by completely upgrading one item before starting to upgrade another one. Fully upgraded items have special properties and abilities that they don’t have at lower levels.
  • Know your enemies. Your go-to target during a match should be your opponent’s least defensive Hypers and any low-health enemies. Focusing your attacks on these targets will ensure that your enemy’s forces are taken out of battle as quickly as possible.

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  • Positioning is key. If you’re near a tower, be wary of enemy Hypers like Admiral W., Arslan, Hondukei, or Athena—they can use their abilities to push or pull you within range of the tower’s targeting beam. Similarly, with good positioning, you can use your Hyper’s abilities to separate enemies from their team and allow your allies to make quick work of them.
  • You can use the lanes above or below your intended target to get behind them. Dropping down from a ladder or holo tile is a great way to get the drop on your enemy. Plan an ambush the right way, and your opponent will never see it coming!

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  • When chasing an enemy, you can maintain your pursuit speed by jumping and immediately attacking. Pulling off the attack in mid-air won’t break your momentum, and will allow you to continue doing damage to your enemies while they try to escape!
  • Killing Jungle mobs will give gold to everyone on your team. Certain camps also drop boxes that will give a permanent stats boost to your Hyper. Controlling the jungle is a great way to get an edge on the enemy. Make sure to have one or two team members patrolling the jungle while the rest of your team deals protects your towers.

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  • The Dragon on Dragon Refuge and Invader MK II on Delta Station drop powerful buffs when killed that can help turn the tide of battle. If you can’t find the enemy team, you should check these locations. If you arrive and find the enemy team attacking the boss, don’t worry. The buffs belong to whoever picks them up, not whoever gets the killing blow, so it’s possible to dash in and steal these rewards away from your foes.
  • Pressing Right on the D-Pad will allow you to ping your location to the mini-map to request assistance or alert your teammates to danger. You can use the Right Stick to ping other locations on the map as well. Use this to show teammates where you want them to go.

There’s plenty of battling to be done, so visit this page to start playing Hyper Universe now for free! You can also purchase the Ultimate Hypers Pack, which will instantly unlock all 39 available Hypers and grant you access to all Hypers released in the future. The pack will also nab you six Xbox One exclusive skins to wear on the battlefield, so pick up the Ultimate Hypers Pack on the Microsoft Store now for $19.99!

See you on the battlefield, Hypers!