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Human: Fall Flat 8-Player Online Multiplayer Update Available Now on Xbox One

In Human: Fall Flat you play as Bob, the wobbly human hero who keeps dreaming about surreal places filled with puzzles in which he’s yet to find the exit.  These puzzles have multiple solutions and will challenge your creativity. Exploration and ingenuity are key and every option is welcome!

To date, the game provides a hilarious experience with 1 to 2 players (local co-op couch mode) and 9 open-ended levels. But today the new 8-player online multiplayer update will bring even more players to the mayhem!

So, what’s inside today’s huge online update?

Online Mode

This mode will allow players to join and create public and private lobbies for up to 8 players. The more Bobs the more fun! When you create a lobby, you’ll be in charge. Select your favorite level, change the number of players or lock a level to ensure friends don’t rush to the end. The online mode will also support voice chat! The Bob captain (host) will be able to mute/unmute other players. Always useful!

New Customization features

Bob’s style is unique, so we’ve decided to enrich his wardrobe! Your Bob, your way. In the Customization section, you’ll now find:

  • 2 new skins: Crash Dummy and Dog in the new MODEL section
  • 16 new suits: Snowman, Knight, Princess, Spaceman and many more!
  • 8 new Human hairstyles

In addition to these big features, the update includes miscellaneous improvements and UI fixes across every mode. As a little bonus, we’ve also added a shuffle option under the Audio options to mix up the in-game music tracks.

Four Aztec Achievements

For our completist players, we’re pleased to say the four missing achievements in the Aztec levels are now available. It adds 120G to the game! More details below:

  • The End – 20G
  • Bird’s eye view – 20G
  • Rollin’ – 40G
  • Clockwork – 40G

That’s it for today, I’ll see you in Bob’s dreams!