Prison Architect Escape Mode DLC Key Art

The Great Escape: Prison Architect’s Popular Escape Mode Breaks Free on Xbox One

Good news, wardens! You can now experience Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition as an inmate running, fighting, and digging your way to freedom! The team here at Double Eleven has been working all year to bring you a hugely expanded DLC version of the popular Escape Mode, available now on Xbox One.

Prison Architect, available as part of September’s Games With Gold lineup, tasks you with building and maintaining your own prisons, controlling the daily lives of inmates and staff. Start off small, with a tiny minimum security lockup, working your way towards a massive for-profit prison, dealing with high security inmates and even death row. Do you build with compassion, a rehabilitation-based utopia of peace and reflection, or squeeze in as many inmates as possible, swaping a cold hard slab of capitalist concrete?

Prison Architect Escape Mode Screenshot

In Escape Mode you swap roles taking control of a poor soul on the wrong side of justice, fresh meat at the beginning of a long prison sentence. When you get off the bus you’re delivered to your own cell and then the world is your oyster. Or at least anything not marked as staff-only. Find a payphone and you can call up The Boss, a mysterious figure who will give you missions to assault or assassinate other inmates, distract guards, and smuggle contraband. Succeed and you’ll be rewarded with much-needed cash. If this all sounds too stressful, you can play it safe and take on some legit prison work, whether that’s making registration plates in the workshop, sorting mail, or sweeping floors.

Once you’ve earned some cash you can begin recruiting crew members, sympathetic (and well-paid) inmates who will offer you protection and assist in your escape attempts. You can even send your crew members out to search the prison and collect contraband items for you, which can either be used or sold to the prison’s resident shady black market dealer. Try not to get caught though, as breaking prison rules will get you punished and sent to solitary.

Prison Architect Escape Mode Screenshot

All of this earns you valuable XP that can be saved up and spent as skill points. There are dozens of skills available, ranging from stealth boost to help you stay hidden, to a Rage Mode which turns you into a red-faced badass giving you the ability to swim your way to freedom. We’re not going to tell you all of the ways you can escape that’s up to you to figure out, but we will leave you this tidbit (and the best feature of the DLC): if you find bacon you can use it to bribe dogs.

We’re so excited to finally bring an Escape Mode experience to Xbox One, and can’t wait to see and start playing all of the escape-themed prison builds that player-architects upload to our map sharing tool, World of Wardens.

Prison Architect Escape Mode Screenshot

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition is available now on the Microsoft Store and will be available September 1 as part of Games with Gold. The Escape Mode DLC is available Friday, August 31 on the Microsoft Store.