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Neverwinter: Ravenloft Swoops in on Xbox One

Neverwinter: Ravenloft is now available on Xbox One! Enter the mists, and find yourself in the famous Gothic horror setting of Barovia. Here you will encounter a darkness that controls the town’s citizens – and they need you to free them. Explore the villages and forests that fill the land, but you must be mindful of what evil will come down from atop the mountain – from the halls of Castle Ravenloft.

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In Neverwinter: Ravenloft, players will find an all-new campaign, an updated Monster Hunts system influenced by the fates of Tarokka cards, and a new Epic Dungeon: Castle Ravenloft!

Adventurers will come face to face with multiple creatures, including monsters driven by a unique day/night cycle and ultimately confronting the master of the land, the iconic Strahd Von Zarovich himself.
Neverwinter Ravenloft Screenshot

Neverwinter: Ravenloft also includes updates to level scaling adjustments, random queues, user interface, and more! Befriend the Vistani and gain access through the mists and the gear to play the newest content.

But remember… your journey will take you into the dark itself