Construction Simulator 2 Small Image

Bringing Construction Simulator 2: US Console Edition to Xbox One

Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition isn’t meant to be the successor of Construction Simulator 2015 for PC. Construction Simulator 2 US is meant as our first step into the world of the consoles.

Construction Simulator is a game series that we have felt committed to for quite a long time now. We started back in 2011. At the time, the construction simulator topic was still vacant, and we already had some experience in creating simulations for the construction industry with Liebherr. By now we have found our niche in the simulation genre and we like the idea of doing something constructive instead of blowing up stuff like in other games.

This is our first development for the Xbox family and we’re happy that we gained some valuable experience during the whole process. The game will look even better on the Xbox One X — the shadows are sharper, the effects and the anti-aliasing are turned up to the max, and the game runs in full HD at 60 fps.

Construction Simulator 2 is a fully immersive, realistic gaming experience. Pick it up now and get to work!