Gonner Blueberry Edition Comes Exclusively to Xbox One

Hey howdy ho, Xbox game-players! What’s a-happenin’ cap’ns! I need you to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to this supersonic, hyper-ultra-mega legit awesome announcement: Gonner Blueberry Edition is now available on Xbox One! (insert fancy dance moves here) Not only is it available now, but it’s exclusive to Xbox One. Go ahead, get yourself the game, then brush your shoulders off and feel like the cool cat that you are.

Gonner Screenshot

Hold up – you mean you don’t know what Gonner is? Well geez, let me enlighten you then. Gonner is a tough-as-nails roguelike platformer-shooter that delights as much as it challenges. It tells the glorious tale of a tiny little hero named Ikk who is searching for a trinket for his land-bound space whale friend Sally, leading him to explore the depths of a procedurally generated world assisted by his other friend Death. Gain unique powers through swappable heads & backpacks, load up with your favorite style of weaponry, crush baddies and jam out to some of the sweetest sounding IGF-award winning audio.

Gonner Screenshot

The Blueberry Edition takes it all to the next level. Literally, because it adds a new level (see what I did there?). But that’s not even the half of it! You’ll get access to exclusive content like weapons, heads, enemy types, a new challenge, and fancy-pants new visuals. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we do indeed have blueberries in the Blueberry Edition. Otherwise I would’ve just called it “the Edition,” which put my branding guy right to sleep; clearly the wrong move.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you: this game is tough. You will die a lot. But I heard some of you are like me in that you like this sort of thing in games. So, here’s to us, the diehards and tryhards of the Xbox world – may we forever sleep with a controller firmly in our iron grips. This Gonner Blueberry Edition is for you.