Xbox fans might remember the phrase, ‘Jump in’ from years past, or as recently as June of this year at E3, when we reintroduced it to gamers around the world. And whether you’re Team Xbox for life, or new to the family, we’re excited to invite all gamers to Jump in with a refreshed global brand campaign and a sneak peek at our latest ad, launching today.

The campaign launches with four, unique films—Jumping, Friends, Racing and Everyone – that feature our community and our beloved game worlds and characters all converging together. It’s the ultimate celebration of fun through a shared love of gaming.

The true power of gaming is more than just bits and throughput – it’s about the fun of gaming and the amazing things our community can do together. Jump in shines a light on all of the different ways our community games; whether you are watching a live stream on Mixer, scouring the internet for tips, attending a con with your clan, making new friends from across the globe with Xbox Live, or beating your own high score – there is something for everyone in this expansive community.

Holding true to the roots of Jump in from years past, it reminds us that gaming is all about human energy, community, and fun.  It reminds us that we’re all born to play; that the very act of gaming is based on an intrinsic need. It’s how we learn, achieve and connect with others. Today, Jump in is an open invitation to all gamers and Xbox is committed to delivering more choice and to make gaming more accessible to more people with great games, new experiences, and more ways to play.

Right-here-and-now, gaming is better than ever, more thrilling than ever, more diverse and inclusive than ever, and we’re definitely having more fun than ever. With our biggest Xbox One holiday bundle lineup ever tied to the season’s hottest games – Fallout 76, Fortnite, and Forza Horizon 4 among others – a stellar games lineup that includes thousands of titles, or an expansive catalogue of games with Xbox Game Pass, there has never been a better time to Jump in with Xbox.

Please visit our official Xbox YouTube channel to view all of the Jump in campaign clips.