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Darksiders Returns to Xbox with Fury, Death, and War Like Never Before

The Darksiders franchise made its debut on Xbox 360 back in 2010. At the time, the first horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, quickly became a favorite among hack-n-slash, action-adventure fans for his larger-than-life design, weaponry and in-game battles. His brother Death set himself apart in much the same manner in its sequel, Darksiders II, a couple years later.

Earlier this year we introduced fans to the third Horseman of the Apocalypse – Fury – in the long-anticipated Darksiders III for Xbox One. As a mage, Fury sets herself apart from her brothers in many different ways but the team and I decided the best way to do the entire franchise justice was to have her brothers join her on Xbox One!

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4K resolution is the hallmark of Xbox One X Enhanced gaming on Xbox One X. Telling the age-old story of good vs. evil on a post-apocalyptic planet Earth on Xbox One is very exciting for us; on Xbox One X, the high level of visual fidelity makes the experience even more immersive for the player. From creatures in underground sewers to gutted vehicles strewn about expanses of wild, natural foliage to dilapidated buildings stretching up through the heavens, the detail is vivid, to say the least.

Combat also takes on a new dimension. War’s two-handed sword known as Chaoseater, Death’s two scythes, and Fury’s long, bladed whip feel even more punishing depending on who you defeat.

Darksiders III Screenshot

Whether you are brand new to the franchise or have been a part of the Darksiders lore since Day One, now is the time to ready for battle and jump into Darksiders on Xbox One.

Darksiders III is now available on Xbox One and enhanced for Xbox One X. You can purchase it online via the Microsoft Store for $59.99.