Warframe Fortuna

Five Tips to Get Started in Warframe’s New Fortuna Expansion on Xbox One

The open world of Fortuna has arrived in all its frigid, mysterious, terraformed glory and it’s beckoning you, Tenno, to join the rebel faction Solaris United. We’ve talk about what’s in Fortuna since we announced it at TennoCon last July, but where do you start? What do you do once you get there?

Below are five helpful tips to get you started on The Orb Vallis (the surface world) and Fortuna (the underground hub). For more help on basics, check out the Warframe starter guide.

Warframe Fortuna

1) Get Your K-Drive Hoverboard

Once you’ve arrived in Fortuna, the underground hub city, you’ll find a beautiful world to explore. Walk around, check things out, and in your travels find the charming Eudico (nearest the giant elevator door to the Orb Vallis). She’ll quickly engage you in a brazen set of anti-Corpus quests that foreshadow the depth of the Solaris faction’s problems (this is called the Vox Solaris Quest). These gallant actions are worth it, resulting in you receiving the K-Drive Launcher and a message in your inbox with Garuda Warframe blueprints. The completion of this quest unlocks the availability of the Solaris United and Ventkids factions. Way to go!

2) Now Get Rad on the K-Drive

Upon completing this quest, the K-Drive hoverboard is yours to blaze across the frozen landscape and pull off massive jumps, tricks and combos. The K-Drive’s boundless sense of freedom combined with the tempting trick spots and grind sections will drive your inner-Tony Hawk mad, and, if you’re anything like us, the next time you happen to glance at the clock will likely be at 3 am!

There is more! A certain sub-faction will need to be…impressed. To earn Standing (Reputation) with the Ventkids, find a little dude named Roky in a hidden spot. It’s practically in plain sight. (Hint: look on the balconies of Fortuna for a vent with a spray-painted face on it.) This new discovery will propel you into a new phase of earning skills and rewards. Impress the Ventkids and you’ll earn components to customize, modify, and enhance your board, opening up new boards along the way. Note: Some Tenno prefer the western part of the Orb Vallis called the Pearl for the best grinding.

Warframe Fortuna

3) Meet the Vendors of Fortuna

The vendors of Fortuna are a colorful, quirky bunch, and you’ll want to meet them to get the most out of your experience. Don’t be shy, meet them all!

  • Meet The Business, your Fortuna fishing vendor. Browse his wares to purchase bait and fishing rods to begin robo-fishing, but also note the availability of tranq rifles, lures and other items to help conserve rare animals roaming across the landscape.
  • Once you’ve successfully caught a few Servo Fish, bring them to Rude Zuud, where you can purchase new modular sidearms, Zuud’s “Murderizers”, aka Kitguns. Zuud enables you to build your own gun, similar to how you built a Zaw in Plains of Eidolon. Get 2,500 Rep and pick it up sooner than later! Customize weapons to your liking and then clear the Vallis of Corpus!
  • Smokefinger sells mining tools, including the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. Mining has a whole new — and much more fun — mechanic in Fortuna, and the cave systems are incredibly deep and beautiful. It might sound like a chore at first, but if you love discovering brilliant landscapes and collecting cool resources, you’ll be mining in no time!
  • Legs is all about Pets and Parts. He is your MOA Vendor. Here, for the first time ever, instead of incubating a Kubrow of a Cavat, you can build your own pet MOA companion. We dare you to see them as anything other than cute.

Warframe Fortuna

4) Earn the new Garuda Warframe

To round off your Fortuna experience, the 37th Warframe is waiting for you. Garuda, Death’s crimson maiden, is bloody well worth it and not too difficult to acquire. Complete some of Eudico’s bounties to level up your faction Standing with the Solaris United to pick up her Chassis, Systems, and the Neuroptics. If you’ve completed the Vox Solaris Quest, you already will have earned her blueprint. Assemble Gaurda in your Orbitor, and enjoy ripping the life force from an enemy for use as a shield, impaling enemies on an alter of talons, or shredding enemies with her Seeking Talons Ability. There is no lack of blood, gore or guts with Garuda!

5) Find a Lift and Quick!

The Orb Vallis is large, about four times bigger than the Plains of Eidolon. Your K-Drive will undeniably be fun to use for almost everything, but to get across the giant space faster, you’ll want to acquire an Archwing. To earn it, you will have to leave Fortuna, but it’s well worth the effort! Go complete the Archwing Questline, pick up the Archwing Launcher Segment and the Archwing Launcher and spend some time fishing in Plains of Eidolon. It’s quite pleasant! You’ll be incredibly glad you’ve earned this, as it makes traversing across the Orb Vallis much faster.

Those are just a few of the things you can do to get started. Don’t forget to check out the free Warframe Terra Trencher Outfit and other items in the Xbox Avatar Store. And make sure to hit us up in the Forums for more information, our Xbox One Announcement page for news and check back on Warframe Fortuna page for a thorough summary of all that the update entails.