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What’s Hellfront: Honeymoon and How to Be Really, Really Good at It

Now that Hellfront: Honeymoon has launched on Xbox One, it’s time to ask yourself: What is it, and more importantly, how do you get better at it than your friends? No worries! The developers of SkyGoblin are here to help answer these profoundly important questions!

Hellfront: Honeymoon

Theo here! I’m one of the three folks at SkyGoblin who designed and produced Hellfront: Honeymoon. The picture above is from a few weeks ago when we hosted a live Hellfront tournament at DreamHack Winter to really put the game to the test. The event was great, but I was crazy nervous trying to pretend to be some kind of wrestling announcer. We had a great time though and the game really excels in a social environment, like a pub, event or in a couch at someone’s house. Let me run you through it!

Hellfront is a strategy game as much as it is a top-down shooter. But more than anything else, it’s fun to play with friends! The matches are short and intense, everything fits into one screen – so it’s easy to watch and it’s truly a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

Welcome to the Hellfront

  • The object of the game is to wipe your opponents off the map. As long as they have buildings standing, they will respawn.
  • There are two kinds of constructions, turrets, and barracks, which can only be built on top of so-called honeypots. With no economy in the game, constructing buildings is completely free.
  • Turrets are short-term investments, and best used at the front, or even better, inside the enemy’s base.
  • Barracks are long-term investments. With time they will spawn troops that you can bring into combat. Only build barracks in safe areas!
  • When a building is destroyed, bugs will swarm out from the ruins, causing plenty of chaos before the honeypot yet again is revealed.

Hellfront: Honeymoon

Tactics for Deathmatch (1 – 4 Player Vs.)

What could possibly be a more fun way to spend an evening than gathering your friends on a couch and completely annihilating them? Here are some core tactics that will ensure your domination of the evening!

  • The first rule of playing Deathmatch is EXPAND. If you see a free honeypot, you better take it, or your opponent will and you will die. Map control is the key to victory.
  • Look for openings. If there are unguarded enemy barracks in your vicinity. Blow it up and replace it with a construction of your own!
  • Think a step ahead. What you decide to build on a honeypot is dependent on the surrounding geography and availability of other honeypots in the region.

Hellfront: Honeymoon

Tactics for Missions (1 – 2 Player Co-Op)

When we play against the AI in Hellfront, it’s called playing Missions. There are 75 missions spread out across three worlds, and they can be played solo, or co-op. When playing Missions your main goal is to wipe the AI off the map, but also to score a good time. So if you want a place on the leaderboards, not only have you gotta kill off the AI, you gotta do it fast!

  • When playing missions it’s a lot about iterating on your strategy. Attempt ballsy moves, more than naught you’ll find that they are rewarded!
  • As a general rule, the AI will try to go after your buildings and troops, and not necessarily go after you, so building on every single available honeypot isn’t always the best tactic in Missions.
  • Firing at bugs or enemy troops isn’t always a good idea. If you hurt them you’ll draw their attention. On some maps it is better to just sneak by unnoticed so you can hit them where they don’t expect it.

Hellfront: Honeymoon

So, from all of us at SkyGoblin: Good luck on the battlefield and see you in hell!

Hellfront: Honeymoon is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store.