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3 Tips to Make You a Better Robot in Aftercharge

Hey, Xbox fans!

My name’s David, I’m one of the co-founder of Chainsawesome Games as well as the game designer / gameplay programmer on pretty much everything we do. The whole team here is psyched to be releasing Aftercharge to the Xbox community today. Building that game from prototype to full release was an exciting and very experimental two-and-a-half-year journey.

In Aftercharge, a team of three invisible robots, called workonics, are pitted against a team of invincible security guards in a cat-and-mouse kind of game. If the robots manage to destroy all energy extractors on the map, they win. If the opposite team shoots them all down, they win. From experience, new players usually get the defending side pretty easily as it is closer to what they’ve seen in other games. It’s the invisible robot part that is a bit trickier to learn as we threw a lot of unusual mechanics in there. I will give you 3 fundamental tips to help you better understand how to play the workonics right.

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Hit and Run

You need to destroy all six extractors on the map to win. But that doesn’t mean you have to take them down one by one. If you set your mind on destroying an extractor in one sitting, you will reveal yourself for too long and highly risk getting shot down. If you punch once or twice then step away, you will go back invisible instantly. The enforcers won’t even have the time to see where you went. If you and your team are doing that all over the map, the opposing team won’t know what hit them.

Revive Each Other

The robots have no respawn timer. Once you get shot down, you need an ally to come by and boost you back up to life. There is no cost, cooldown or cast time on reviving so don’t let your teammates hanging. When an ally is down, your new priority is to get it back into the game as soon as possible, you cannot win by yourself.

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Use Your Abilities

It may sound like an obvious advice but from our experience, beginners are usually so focused on the stealth and the objective that they forget their special abilities. Each workonic has one unique skill they can use to either aid an attack or help an escape. A well placed protective dome or a timely speed boost to sweep in for a revive can change the course of a match.

I’m sure these tips will come in handy in your first few matches as a workonic.

Aftercharge releases worldwide today and lands directly into Game Pass. We put a lot of love into that game and also, we had a ton of fun making it and experimenting with it. We hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do.