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Celebrating the Best of the Xbox Community with the New Xbox MVP Site

From the world’s most powerful console with Xbox One X, to the most advanced multiplayer network with Xbox Live, Xbox is one of the best places to play today’s hottest games with a fantastic gaming community. The Xbox MVPs play an important role within the Xbox community, and with the launch of the new website, we’re putting an even brighter spotlight on these amazing gamers.

The Xbox MVP award recognizes gamers for doing something extraordinary within the gaming community. From running major charity organizations like Gamers Outreach, to solo efforts working to make gaming more inclusive for everyone, Xbox MVPs hope to be an inspiration to the broader gaming community. Each year, Xbox MVPs are invited to Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA to engage directly with teams at Xbox to help shape the future of gaming by giving feedback on unreleased products, games, and services.  From games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 to services like Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox MVPs have been able to use their expertise to be the voice of the gamer in the development process.

Meet the Xbox MVPs

We’re making it easier than ever to spotlight Xbox MVPs so you can get to know them better. From learning about their interests and efforts they’re leading, to connecting with them directly, the Xbox MVP profiles showcase these gamers and the great things that they do. Want to find an MVP that speaks a certain language? You can do that, too. Want to find an MVP that hosts a podcast? There’s a way to filter the roster. Click here to check out our awesome Xbox MVPs.

Collaborate with Xbox MVPs

Whether you’re on a team at Microsoft that needs feedback, a professional in the gaming industry, or a gamer who would love to team up with an Xbox MVP to work on a great idea, we’ve created a universal way to get in touch with and work alongside the Xbox MVP Program. With just one click you can contact the Xbox MVP team to utilize the diverse roster of Xbox MVPs for your project.

Nominate a new Xbox MVP

One question we see often from Xbox gamers is, “What makes someone deserving of the Xbox MVP Award” We believe that gamers know gamers best, and that’s why we look to them to nominate new Xbox MVPs. When thinking about nominating a gamer there’s really one question to ask yourself. Does the gamer exemplify and encourage a positive experience on Xbox and in their daily lives?”

Our main goal has always been to be as open-minded as possible when considering new Xbox MVPs, and we’re excited to see diversity in the gamers you nominate to be part of the Xbox MVP program. Nominate gamers today.

With the launch of the new Xbox MVP website we’re thrilled to provide a better spotlight on the Xbox MVP Award recipients and use them as inspiration for new and different ways for every Xbox gamer to become more involved. The Xbox MVPs are laser-focused on continuing to ensure that Xbox is a fun and positive place to play.