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Captain Your Very Own Starship in Genesis Alpha One, Available Now on Xbox One

Hey, Xbox fans!

With Genesis Alpha One being launched this week, we thought it would be good to give new Genesis captains some tips about how to prosper in quadrant Alpha One. There is a lot to discover out there but be careful — there are many dangers lurking in the galaxy!

So, here are a few pointers to get you started:

Resource Management is Key

Resources are one of the most important things for a Genesis captain to manage. They allow you to build new modules, create different types of ammunition for your weapons and can help you travel through space. The tractor beam and harvester are key to this. Tractor beams allow you to search debris in space for useful resources and the harvester allows you the gather resources from planetary expeditions. One important note with these modules is any resources gathered by the tractor beam are ready to use and automatically added to your ship’s storage. Collecting materials from planets with the harvester will be added to your ship’s deposits and will need refineries to breakdown before they are usable.

Genesis Alpha One

Be Aware of Alien Threats at All Times

The Alpha One Quadrant is a dangerous place. There are many forms of life lurking in the quadrant and they are hostile… Be careful nothing is brought on board by the tractor beam or harvester while gathering resources and take the proper precautions to prepare any defenses such as turrets and energy barriers to ensure that any unwanted visitors do not get comfortable on your ship! An infestation in your ship can be disastrous!

Genesis Alpha One

Explore Planets with Caution

With the harvester you can join your crew on expeditions to planets. You can aid the clones in their duties by defending them from hostile aliens or you can help them gather resources. For inquisitive captains, they may discover they are not the first to have explored this planet and there may be some interesting items to discover on the surface. Just remember that if things get rough there is no harm evacuating everyone back to the ship!

Genesis Alpha One

Modify your clones

You are nothing without your crew and managing them is very important for any prepared Genesis captain. They can help you with various tasks around your ship and in the unfortunate situation the captain was to die, a clone will be promoted to take over, essentially acting like lives. As you travel the quadrant and encounter alien life you will collect DNA. This will allow you to merge the crew DNA to create augmented members with different strengths and abilities. You will need to make sure these new crew members are able to breath on your ship so proper planning is required.  Some habitable Genesis candidates may require crew members that breath something other than oxygen and your crew may need to be ‘enhanced’ to settle there.

Genesis Alpha One

Space is dangerous

Once you have built up your ship with some of the essential modules and have a reliable crew of clones you will want to explore deeper into Quadrant Alpha One. When moving through space it is important to take note of any information your map is telling you. This screen will identify if there are dangerous areas that are controlled by aliens looking to find a way onboard your ship. If you have assigned some clones to the bridge, they may even pickup signals from distant worlds identifying useful resources and more.

We hope you find these tips useful, good luck out there Captain and remember the fate of the human race depends on this mission!

Genesis Alpha One is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.