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Xbox Game Pass: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Crackdown 3, Pumped BMX Pro, and More in February   

Hi, Xbox Game Pass friends! It’s time for another drop of games coming your way. In case you hadn’t already cried when you realized that your backlog of video games has grown that much larger, my apologies. And if you’re going to cry on the controller, make it player 2’s controller please.

We’re taking you deep this time around. Deeep in the shadows, deeeep in the tombs, deeeeep into zombie territory, deeeeeep into the streets, deeeeeeep into Arkham, deeeeeeeep into the deeeeeeeepness. And PS, Crackdown 3 drops in mere days. Days! *hype intensifies* On to the games:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (February 7) – Xbox One X Enhanced

The climactic finale to Lara Croft’s origin story has arrived on Xbox Game Pass. A dangerous and mysterious organization known as Trinity sends Lara on a thrilling action adventure through deadly jungles, treacherous underwater caves, and the most challenging tombs in the game’s history. To survive, she’ll have to become one with the jungle, use the environment to strike her foes quickly and quietly, sow fear in their ranks, and discover what it really means to be the Tomb Raider.

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (February 7)

Play as Lee Everett, a man with a criminal past given a chance at redemption — protecting a young girl named Clementine during a zombie apocalypse. Explore stunning comic book style environments, solve puzzles, fight the undead, build relationships, and do whatever you can to keep your humanity in a world gone to hell. Every choice is on the clock, every mistake will be your own, and the consequences carry across the entire five episode series.

Pumped BMX Pro (February 7)

Jump on the pedals and hit the ramps in this momentum-based trickathon. Pumped BMX Pro features more levels than ever, each with their own set of challenges for you to smash. Choose one of the pre-designed bikes; or ride to the editor to create your own custom bike before smashing the global leaderboards and your friends scores.

de Blob (February 14)

Become a master of color in the 3D platformer de Blob. Equal parts amorphous blob of paint, struggling artist, revolutionary, and juvenile delinquent, de Blob’s goal is to replace the drab, lifeless gray coloring that the I.N.K.T. Corporation has imposed on Chroma City and its inhabitants. Flip, bounce, and smash your way past a diabolical array of hot plates, electric shocks, and ink turrets. Compete to control Chroma City solo or with up to four players via split-screen across eight unique and challenging multiplayer modes.

Batman: Return to Arkham (February 21) – Xbox One X Enhanced

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, the first two games in the iconic Batman Arkham series, are coming to Xbox Game Pass in this comprehensive compilation that includes the definitive edition of each game, complete with all post-launch downloadable content. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, journey into the depths of Gotham City’s high security psychiatric hospital and battle supervillain inmates who have taken over the Asylum. Then go soaring into Arkham City, a super-prison built to contain Gotham’s worst criminals in Batman: Arkham City, one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time.

And, in case you missed the memo, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons we already sent, Crackdown 3 is coming soon.

Crackdown 3 (February 15) – Xbox Play Anywhere Title / Xbox One X Enhanced

A throwback with all the ingredients that made the series a fan favorite. Over-the-top and crazy antics will have you stopping crime as a super-powered agent of justice in a comic book inspired playground of mayhem and destruction, either solo or co-op with a friend via Xbox Live. Then hop online and get in on in the Wrecking Zone, where unprecedented destruction meets amped-up action. Level the entire battlefield with fully-destructible arenas, take out competitors by bringing down bridges, and soar through the air with a series of jet jumps and flying fists. Don’t let little things like walls and buildings stop you from going exactly where you want to go. It’s 5v5 mayhem across three maps and two modes. Arrives February 15 with Xbox Game Pass and globally on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title

Finally, don’t forget that we also dropped Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition last week.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (January 31)

The game that began Lara Croft’s origin story is now on Xbox Game Pass! This critically-acclaimed action adventure takes Lara Croft from an inexperienced archaeologist to a battle-hardened adventurer, in a cinematic journey across the lost island of Yamatai. As Lara, you must solve complex puzzles, fend off crazed cultists, and ultimately learn what it takes to be a survivor. This Definitive Edition features improved visuals and performance, as well as all the DLC from the original release.

This is my second subtle reminder that if you don’t want your backlog to be longer than your growing list of OTP fan fic titles, you should probably download and get started on these games fast. Did I mention Crackdown 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day it releases globally? I did? Maybe one more time for those in the back. Crackdown 3 will drop on Xbox Game Pass on launch day! February 15! And there are even more games come after that, so don’t sleep on these!

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