Explore the Origins of Crackdown 3 with the Crackdown Comic Series from Dynamite Entertainment

Following the explosive launch of Crackdown 3 across Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and on Windows 10 PC, fans have been stepping up their boom alongside Terry Crews’ Commander Jaxon, exploring the hyper-powered playground of New Providence and leveling buildings in the fully-destructible multiplayer mode known as Wrecking Zone.

To celebrate the comic book-inspired, over-the-top action of Crackdown 3, Microsoft Studios has partnered with publisher Dynamite Entertainment for an official Crackdown comic book series! Bringing the narrative of The Agency to the page is writer Jonathan Goff (Halo) and artist Ricardo Jaime, who have collaborated to further explore the world of Crackdown 3 and the criminal syndicate that has it on the brink of destruction.

The mini-series will add context to the events of Crackdown 3, telling the story of a series of devastating blackout attacks that have plunged the world into darkness and chaos, leaving the super-powered heroes of The Agency to rise, restore peace and deliver justice. “If you play Crackdown 3, the story we’re telling in the comic will add depth to the world,” said Goff.

Step Up Your Boom and Check out the First Issue of Crackdown for Free

For a limited time, Crackdown 3 fans can receive a digital download code for Issue #1 of the Crackdown comic by heading to Crackdown.com. To redeem, head to Dynamite’s Digital store page and enter the code “TheAgency” (without quotes) at checkout. Issue #1 of Crackdown by Dynamite Entertainment is available physically in comic book stores everywhere and digitally at ComiXology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play and InkyPen.

Crackdown 3 is available now as part of Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. For the latest on Crackdown 3, stay tuned to Xbox Wire and Crackdown.com.